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youcoll The working environment for collectors.


youcoll combines the classic functions of an online catalogue with the advantages of a social network. Amongst other things, you can use our platform to perform your own research, share information with friends and colleagues, archive your collection and discuss matters of interest within the community.

Our platform allows you to manage your collection as well as to save, systematize and chronologize information relevant to your collection. What really makes our platform interesting is the ability to form groups with other members and the ability to connect between groups. As we know, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (Aristotles).

youcoll gives you the means to perform research alone or in a group and to archive your findings. Archiving your findings allows you (and if you wish, other users) easy future access to your findings and our search functions allow you to find specific information quickly. Find information and sources again at any time and share your experiences and opinions with the other members of our community!

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  • You want to present your collection in public or offer to trade parts of your collection? Just create a catalogue of your collection and set it public!
  • Use synergistic effects by connecting information from other groups to the content of your group. For example, you can connect a group that contains your collection archive with a group that deals with market price observations in order to evaluate the value of your collection.
  • OCollectors of different areas often ask the same questions. By using our network, you can find a collector whose main area of interest is different from yours but whose questions are of interest to you.
  • You want to keep an overview of the market and real prices of your items? You can save two source references to every item. How you use this feature is up to you!
  • Our system provides tools to compare items. You can use this in order to see the differences in similar items or find and remove duplicate entries.
  • Are you losing track of your research materials, sources or your collection? This is the right place to save and organize your information!
  • Other members can help you analyze your collection. Just ask other users that share your interests!
  • You can research any areas that interest you. Find and collect the information you need and use our features to organize your research.
  • You have composed articles in the past or want to start writing them? Publish your work in the relevant research groups or associate your articles with specific items. You can keep your work private or publicize it and discuss it with other users.
  • You want to be exposed to new opinions and ideas? Join a group that shares your interests!  
  • Meet other collectors that share your interests by joining groups that you share an interest with.
  • You remember a something, but the source remains on the tip of your tongue? Can't find out where you read about something? Use our features to save your sources and relevant information to your area of interest! You can also associate articles that you have authored with specific groups or items.
  • You are interested in the history of a specific item? Our features allows users to to save all relevant information and sources to an item.
  • If you are interested in buying or selling items, you can create groups that contain the item and your offer. With a little luck, somebody will contact you to arrange a deal. Any such transactions made between members take place outside of this network and are the sole responsibility of the involved members.