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print youcoll Terms of Use

Welcome to youcoll, the internet workspace for collectors.

youcoll is a service offered by the Office for Internet development and new Media, Michael Roth, in Rengsdorf, Germany. In the interest of uninterrupted use of this offer, we ask that users adhere to our terms of use.

  1. Scope and area of application

    These terms of use apply to every user of the youcoll platform. By completing the registration process you recognize the and accept the terms of use as binding.
  2. Spirit and purpose of this agreement, subject of the contract

    2.1 youcoll combines the classic functions of an online catalogue with the advantages of a social network. youcoll allows you to manage collections, pool and share information, perform research on areas of interest and publish text and images. youcoll enables users to contact each other in order to buy, sell or trade collector's items or other wares.

    2.2 youcoll reserves the right to change, delete or add site functions. The youcoll platform is for private use only.
  3. Membership, conclusion of contract

    3.1 Only registered members may use the youcoll platform.

    3.2 Membership requires a minimum age of 21 years.

    3.3 You become a member of the youcoll community by filling out and submitting the registration form. By registering, you bind yourself to submit only correct and complete information. If this information changes in any way, youcoll must be notified directly.

    3.4 Every user may register and maintain only one account.

    3.5 Accepting the registration by completing the activation process invokes the conclusion of contract on use of the youcoll website.
  4. Costs

    4.1 Membership at youcoll is free.

    4.2 youcoll reserves the right to charge a fee for the use of the youcoll platform at a later date. In this case, every member has an extraordinary right to cancel membership and contract.
  5. Right of revocation

    Right of revocation
    You may declare the revocation of your contractual statement in text form (e.g. letter, email) within a period of two weeks. The revocation does not have to contain any grounds. The revocation period commences after receiving these instructions in text form but not before conclusion of contract and also not before the completion of our responsibilities according to ┬ž 312e Abs. 1 Satz 1 BGB in conjunction with ┬ž 3 BGB-InfoV. In order to observe the revocation period the revocation must be posted within the revocation period. The revocation should be addressed to:

    Office for Internet development and new Media
    Michael Roth
    Geb├╝ckstra├če 1
    D-56579 Rengsdorf

    Consequences of revocation

    In event of a valid revocation of this agreement each party shall return to the respective other party the benefits received. If you only partially comply or fail to comply with this, you are obliged to replace the lost value. Requests for re-compensation for payments must be met within 30 days of revocation. For you, this period begins as soon as you post the revocation, for us, this period begins as soon as we receive it.
    Your right of revocation ends prematurely if the contract is fulfilled from both sides upon your explicit request before you exercise your right of revocation.
  6. Accountability and responsibilites of the user

    6.1 very user is obligated to, ...

    ... refrain from using the youcoll website commercially.
        Posting mail advertisements or spam mails is not allowed.
    ... show good manners and respect other members.
    ... keep his/her user details (user name and password) private
        and not share these with third parties.
    ... refrain from publishing links.
    ... maintain a backup of all his/her information,
        text, graphics and images.
    ... keep his/her offers and information up to date
        and delete offers that are out of date.
    ... refrain from using information, images or text that infringe
        others intellectual property rights and not break any laws.
    ... to keep third parties' personal information and
        private emails confidential.
    ... refrain from introducing dangerous files, malware
        or computer viruses into the system.
    ... indemnify youcoll from any claims from third parties
        resulting from the use of the youcoll website.
    ... restitute to youcoll any costs resulting from the
        defense of such claims.

    6.2 If two users come to an agreement regarding the sale or exchange of an item, any contract regarding this will be between the two users. youcall is not involved in any such contracts, and will not assume any rights or liabilities. Both parties to a contract should inquire about the authority of the other and ensure that both are of majority age prior to the creation of the contract.

    6.3 Every user is held responsible for the information he/she publishes.

    6.4 Upon the use of third parties' details for commercial purposes or other violations of the rules and responsibilities of youcoll a fine the user is obligated to pay a fine amounting to 5.100 Euro to youcoll.
  7. Liabilities and responsibilities of youcoll

    7.1 Use of the youcoll platform is carried out at the sole risk of the user.

    7.2 youcoll tries to ensure the constant functioning of the offered services. However, youcoll cannot guarantee that all services are continuously available and does not assume any liability for lost user data.

    7.3 youcoll cannot guarantee the accuracy of information submitted by users.

    7.4 youcoll does not assume liability in case of unauthorized data access (hacker attack).

    7.5 The limitations of liability do not apply to injury or life, body or health or for damages resulting from a grossly negligent breach of duty by youcoll or a person employed by youcoll to perform the contract. In this event, the responsibility for damages shall be limited to the typically foreseeable damages, unless the other party to the contract can prove lower damages conclusively. This does not apply to violations of contractually relevant duties and liabilities in accordance with product liability law.
  8. Cancellation
    8.1 Users may cancel their membership at any time by contacting us per email.

    8.2 youcoll reserves the right to suspend or delete a user account at any time without prior announcement. This may happen if a member...

    ... is inactive for an extended period of time,
    ... breaks the law,
    ... breaks rules or ignores responsibilities,
    ... makes false statements,
    ... abuses their account,
    ... damages the reputation of youcoll,
    ... causes disruption within our user community.
    8.3 youcoll deletes the account and all the user data upon cancellation of membership. youcoll reserves the right to save user contributions, recommendations or other information relevant to the common interest.
  9. Copyright
    With the adjusting of own contents the user grants youcoll a full and irrevocable right of use of this content.
  10. Final clause
    10.1 Oral agreements are not valid.

    10.2 In the event of individual provisions of this contract being or becoming ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the contract as a whole.

    10.3 The applicable law shall be German law to the exclusion of private international law.


Stand: 21.04.2010