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youcoll The working environment for collectors.

Welcome to youcoll

The working environment for collectors.


No matter how you occupy yourself with your collection or what you collect, even if you only wish to gather information, we offer you the possibility of adding content to your collection!

youcoll combines the classic functions of an online catalogue with the advantages of a social network. You can create a catalogue on your own or collaborate with other members of the community. Communicate with other collectors, share your work and ideas with friends!

Present your collection to the world, record and analyze your research and results, meet new friends and work on a group project or simply keep an eye on the market situation!

Have fun on youcoll!



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Gert M├╝ller We welcome the Gert M├╝ller stamp auction house on youcoll! The german auction house presents his new auction catalogue with more than 4000 collections. See more...

Although most of our members are stamp collectors, we welcome collectors of all kinds to share their knowledge and experiences with other enthusiasts on our platform.


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